What do I need to know about airport security?

Question by Brian: What do I need to know about airport security? Me and my little sister are going to visit our grandparents (flying as minors) and I have heard nothing but horror stories about airport security (they thought my friend’s alarm clock was a bomb). We usually fly in our own plane but since our parents aren’t going we have to fly commercial. How many carry-ons are we allowed? I want to bring my laptop which requires my own bag, but I guess I could put that in my suitcase. I was planning on bringing my messenger bag on the plane to carry my iPad, iPod, and a mobile hotspot. Am I going to have to dump all this stuff out of my bag to get through security?

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Answer by flamingice1642You are allowed one carry-on bag and one personal item. Your personal item can be a purse, backpack, briefcase, laptop bag, etc. It should fit underneath of the seat in front of you.

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my backspace key broke off my laptop!!!?

S and W Image by ShellyS

Question by : my backspace key broke off my laptop!!!? is there any way to re-attach this to a laptop?!?! now there is just a little rubber pad that is just sitting there and even that is starting to come off this laptop is only a year old, is there any way to fix this?!?!?!?! it is an HP if tht makes a difference also it is a laptop with a built in keyboard, so don’t tell me to buy another i try and just stick it back and it doesn’t click unless i force it down, so glueing is out, it needs to be a tight seal @ken, i have been trying that!

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Suggestions for a college laptop?

by hardillb

Question by Student: Suggestions for a college laptop? I’ll be moving into my dorm in late August, so I’m looking to buy a laptop before I become a fully-fledged college student. After doing some research on the Internet, I’ve decided to buy not just a laptop, but an ultraportable/ultra-light laptop – I believe Intel likes to call them “ultrabooks”.

So far, I’ve taken a look at the Toshiba Portege Z-series (I forget the exact string of numbers), HP Envy 13, and ASUS Zenbook. I really like how light the Toshiba is, but I found the screen to be scarily flimsy. The Zenbook, in my opinion, is really pretty and well-designed, but the high cost makes me a bit iffy. The HP Envy seems like a solid choice, but it’s heavier than the other choices.

If there’s anyone who has opinions about these ultrabooks, or has any suggestions, please feel free to voice them. As it is, I have a few more questions I’d like answered: - What kind of CPU should I look for in these ultrabooks? I’m currently using a 15-inch laptop with an Intel Celeron dual-core processor, and it feels pretty slow to me since it’s a hand-me-down running on Windows Vista. I’m supposed to use this new laptop for school, but I would not be happy at all if it was any slower than the one I have now. - That said, what laptop has the best performance/least lag so far? I’m the type of person who’ll have music, Microsoft Word, and several internet tabs open at the same time. - Anyone have any issues with the screen/keyboard (I’m planning to buy a wireless mouse, so I’m not too concerned about the trackpad)? I’ve heard complaints about viewing angles and glare for screens and unreliability of keyboards (Specifically about the Zenbook – I personally have tried it out and am perfectly fine with it, so maybe it just depends on the person). - How’s the battery life? I’m very skeptical about how advertisements boast of an eight-hour battery life. I’ll need the laptop for classes and will probably not have it plugged it in at all times, so a long battery life would be good. - How’s the memory? The 128GB really discourages me, which is partially the reason why I was considering the HP Envy (Although heavier at almost 4lb, it’s supposed to have 500GB HDD). Still, if 128 SSD will make the laptop faster than a 500 HDD, I’ll take the 128 and just buy an external hard drive, I guess. So does having a SSD really improve performance? - Good quality for the price? The only reason why I’m not buying a Macbook Air – it’s so light and pretty! – is because it’s over a thousand bucks. I’m half-tempted to just buy a $ 300 Acer, but I have a feeling that I’ll be getting what I pay for and end up with a piece of crap. So, are there any laptops out there around $ 500 ~ $ 800 that are quality?

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Q&A: My laptop says “Consider replacing your battery”?

White 13″ Apple Macbook 2.4 GHz, 10/31/08 – 57 of 63 Image by goodrob13 My white 13" Apple Macbook laptop computer.

pictured: bottom

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Ultrabook instead of of laptop?

by samsungtomorrow

Question by Gerry: Ultrabook instead of of laptop? That’s what I’d like:

1) Light and small (but not a netbook). 2) Rather cheap. 3) OS: Windows. 4) Mostly for Internet and Office. 5) I may also use AutoCad without renders (but I’m not sure…). 6) No gaming. 7) HD capacity doesn’t matter much. 8) No unexpected problems.

I wanted to buy a laptop, but now I’ve discovered that there’s another thing called “ultrabook”, which on average weights 1 kg less.

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Laptop “Shutters” on startup.?

IMG_2606 Image by Vox Efx The Eye Of Vox

Question by rob.weatherly: Laptop “Shutters” on startup.? Whenever I start my laptop the screen kind of blinks once or twice. Then works fine. HELP!!!

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